Zen Warrior History

In the time of the great kings, the greatest and strongest men were picked and trained at 4
years old. There were a total of six different tribes that the kings would pick from and train to
become the great Zen Warriors.

The first tribe was the Cobra skins. The Athois Tribe are tough-skinned warriors. They came
from the lineage of Apophis, who was a great Egyptian demon that took the shape of a serpent.
The Athois Cobra skin tribe took on the look of the serpent’s skin, but they did not take on
Apophis’ evil and demon ways, for they trained and repented of their hard hearts and shaped
into a strong, brave, and noble tribe.

The second tribe is rooted strongly in honor and tradition because of their strong Oriental
descent. The Deity Tribe are strong samurai warriors that come from the noblest classes of
Japanese society.

Traditions handed down from generation to generation, dating back to some
of Japan’s first emperors. These warriors trained as young children up into adulthood. They
mastered the art of Aikido, a peaceful martial art in Japan, learning balance, peace, strength,
and discipline, which they hold as their foundation as Zen Warriors.

The third tribe was the tribe that came from a long, strong line of Scandinavian Vikings. The
Valhalla Tribe is a tribe that never stays in one place for more than a few weeks. They scour the
frozen lands looking for a final home and ways to help those in need. With their
hardheadedness and strong leather vests, these Zen Warriors are some you don’t want to mess

They have a deep knowledge of getting what they want when they want it. They don’t take
no for an answer; they get the job done no matter the price. Their determination, work ethic, and
knowledge of survival in harsh conditions make this tribe one of the roughest and toughest
among the Zen Warriors.

The fourth tribe is the Penumbra Tribe, from the shadows of space. They live in the dark,
mysterious outer ring of the planet Plandenium, which is actually a moon with seven suns.
These strong warriors have to battle the elements of space along with any enemies that may try
and harm their home.

These warriors have been grounded in being one with the earth, moons,
suns, and stars. They value and protect the planets and solar system from any harm they may
encounter. They have a long history of training with great masters and Solar System Soldiers.
The fifth tribe comes from a mixture of different metals, rocks, and volcanic material.

The Zircon Tribe are strong heavy metal warriors. They come from the bloodline of Vulcan, a Romanian god
of olden times. He is the god of fire and volcanoes. He made these metal-skinned Zen warriors
out of zirconium, a heavy black metal to help protect nature.

The last and final tribe comes from the time before the Land Barons. The Knights of the
Mountain Tribes: These great knights have trained for centuries to master the skills needed to
be a Zen Warrior. Courage, strength, honesty, diligence, respect, perseverance, and many other
attributes are needed.

Before the Zen Warriors’ first generation, there was a huge assault of meteorites from a nearby
supernova that collided with the planet, causing chaos in each territory of the different planets
on which the warriors would live. Each meteorite contained powerful crystals from the nearby
supernova star.

The Great Kings began to collect these crystals for the power they held. This sparked the War of
Colliding Power. Each kingdom gathered the top warriors from within their domain to endow
each warrior from each tribe with the power of the crystals, with the intention of having these
enhanced warriors conquer the other kingdoms and collect the crystals.

The enhancement process did work, and these warriors became endowed with power beyond
their natural abilities. However, the celestial light these crystals possessed, persuaded these
warriors to bring balance to the planet. Each one began fighting to hide and destroy the crystals
so no one king would have too much power.

Each different color of crystal contains a different power and ability. There are a total of six different colored crystals.

Black has the ability to become completely invisible as well as turn objects invisible. It possesses the sliest and
sneakiest abilities to sneak up on enemies or eavesdrop on anyone this warrior may require to
gain the greatest advantage. With this crystal, you must have courage and always do the right
thing to uphold and protect others. If the warrior uses the abilities for ill purposes, this crystal will
make you invisible until the warrior repents and makes his wrongdoing right, having the courage
to say, “I was wrong and never make his mistake again.”

Blue has the ability to control water.
This includes turning water into ice, making water boil, and commanding the oceans, seas, and
rivers. The warrior that possesses this crystal must be calm and humble. If the warrior uses
these crystals’ abilities without these values, the water crystals will turn on the individual and
turn them into ice.

Gold has the ability to heal the mind, body, soul, and spirit. The warrior that
possesses this crystal must be pure in heart and honest with themselves to be able to use the
abilities this crystal contains. If whoever possesses this crystal is not pure in heart, this crystal
will turn its good abilities against the user and make them feel every sorrow, regret, and pain
within themselves and within those they try to use the power on.

Green has the ability to control nature, including the weather, plants, mountains, hills, land, and animals.

Because whoever
possesses this crystal must have a spirit and true sense to help take care of and connect with
the earth and all living creatures, because if they abuse, misuse, or disrespect the earth or any
living creature, the crystal will make the ground beneath their feet swallow them whole.

Red has the ability to control fire and heat with this crystal. You can control flames, smoke, heat waves,
the sun, and anything that lets off any kind of heat, including other hot-headed emotions.
However, be aware of how you use this crystal. If you misuse its power, it will turn you into ash.
It has not yet been discovered what the attributes that control this crystal are. Can you figure out
its secret?

The White Crystal has the ability to control objects and individuals with the mind,
including levitation, reading, and controlling others’ minds. This crystal is one of the rarest
crystals. It has been one of the purest and hardest crystals ever found. With that being said,
this crystal picks its owner. You have to be chosen.

Are you one of the chosen ones? What tribe resonates with you? The Zen Warriors have just begun.