Zen Warrior NFT

Choose your destiny

About Us

Zen Warrior NFT is a movement focused on community and inspiring others to be their best version.
We are building a gamified learning and self-development experience.
What if people were incentivized to be better people? What would the world look like?
We’ve decided to do things differently from any other project out there, including never before seen features such as Learn 2 Earn training and Ascension

We are here to bring NFTs to the next level – Realizing their potential to actually change the world.

Our Mission

This is not just another NFT project.
We’re creating a movement.
To inspire people to be their best.
When you are a better you,
That change ripples out
Into everything you do.


Our Team

Technowizard with a deep love for science, technology, nature, and art.
Passionate about crypto since discovering it in 2012.
Zane Customs on Youtube.
Torren is one of the best 3D artists out there.
Creating and sculpting 3D art has been his passion for many years and wants to share his gift through NFTs
I first started in crypto in 2015 and have loved being a part of the growth ever since. My passion is to give the power of money back to its users and free us from financial bondage
Interactive media developer and crypto enthusiast.

Contact Us

You can reach us any time through Twitter or Discord